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Ever wonder what that old antique platter in Grandma’s basement is worth? Ever find a gem of an item on the sidewalk and say, “Hhmm, wonder if I could sell this?” How about that time you bought something at a flea market or yard sale and it sat in a drawer until you saw some TV show that made you wonder, “Have I got a payday coming for that piece I found?
Wonder no more.

Meet Stacey Winnick. A wife. A mother. A friend. A burst of energy. A laugh a minute. A philanthropist at her core.

Her mission… her motto… one in the same … “Turning Your Clutter Into Cash”

But this statement means so much more to Stacey than just helping people sell their items. Stacey believes to live sustainably is to live a better life. She helps her clients achieve a sustainable future by showing them that reduction, donating, and selling their items is truly liberating. Sustainability is about helping those in need and providing resources and tools to help everyone around you live a better quality of life. Above all, Stacey cares about the well-being of her community. Her humility and kindness make her a trusted resource. Her expertise is what makes her a success.

Just a few examples of what doesn’t just happen magically for Stacey to get underprivileged families what they need. It takes hours of sourcing. Finding the right people to give away their items sustainably instead of dumping them by the side of the road. Although her expert curbside shopping skills play a big part in all of this as well.

  • A Persian rug found in a closet – SOLD in 3 hours for $500.00 (with the picture from her book she gave me)
  • A 2017 BMW —SOLD in 24 hours for $35k
  • A designer dress found buried in the back of a closet – SOLD in 24 hours for $250 (with the picture from her book she gave me)
  • A child’s bicycle found by the side of the road – SOLD in 24 hours for $125.00 (with the picture from her book she gave me)
  • A $6000 closet donation to the Ossining Children’s Center by California Closet’s so one of her charities can store clothing for needy families. (see teaser)
  • A disadvantaged family needed a dining room to replace a folding table and folding chairs used for 4 years. Stacey found someone with a deceased relative to donate a dining room set in 2. The table was a “Stickly” dining room table worth over $6k.

There is no place she won’t venture to for a great deal and a good cause. Join us each episode for an adventure and watch the age old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” become true when you have Stacey Winnick and her keen eye for possibilities leading the way.