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Turn Your Clutter into Cash

“Turn Your Clutter into Cash” is a half hour unscripted TV series, “The Long Island Medium” meets “Cash in the Attic.”

Sustainability and Antiques expert uncovers the money everywhere.

Antiques expert Stacey Winnick is constantly on the lookout for valuable treasures and stops at a moment’s notice knowing exactly how to turn any item into cash.  As she spots discarded heirlooms everywhere:  by the side of the road, when running large rummage and church sales, on her popular online virtual tag sale, and what unsuspecting folks are wearing (ie:  jewelry, clothing, watches, etc), she teaches her audience what makes it valuable and most importantly how to repurpose the item so as not to waste it.  Nothing gets by Stacey.  She can turn anyone’s clutter into cash.