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Stickley Dining Room Set Donated in 2 Hours!

“One of the things that makes me happy is helping families in this crazy world . My purpose is feeding families during this pandemic. Some days I believe there is a divine intervention. Someone had a dining room set to give away. I knew a family. I did not know that the family had been looking for 6 months and could not afford an expensive dining room set. The beautiful high end set became their’s 3 hours later and after one phone call. The set now has a beautiful home with a family that will love and treasure the dining room. Mission accomplished!”

Sustainable Gift Giving

“One donation from a Buy Nothing page turned into this graduation gift for a young woman. I call her my other child. Thinking of this woman who graduated in June made me sad and happy at the same time. Sad that she didn’t ever have everything that a college graduate experiences. Happy that she graduated with such with honors ! I filled the 1960’s vintage cosmetics case with all my favorite beauty items . Then I added some cold hard cash . At the bottom of the case was a sterling silver bracelet with pave diamonds . It was bought at a garage sale . You don’t have to go out and buy everything new to give a gift. When you make a gift it’s given with heart . Keep sustainable in your gift giving.”

Spectacular Tea Set

“Another sterling day! Always do your research before you sell anything . This is a spectacular Sterling Tea Set! A find in a bag of clutter . Helping another client , “Turn your Clutter into Cash!! This tea set sold for $1,800.  I appraised this item and figured out the right place to sell this magnificent set!”

Sometimes the finds get bigger and bigger

“I can’t show a picture of the house but believe me it was BIG! Tons of toys , books , crafts , dolls all slated for donation. Went up 15 flights of stairs till I finally found the private elevator. 15 full bags of donations including a little girl’s couch and chair. If you don’t run and get the donation today you are going to cry tomorrow!

A Power Outage Doesn’t Stop Me!

“I am always hustling. This week I was working and buying vintage jewelry in a thunderstorm. The lights went out. I just continued on!”

Sequined Butterfly Shirt Flew Out of My Hands in Minutes

“It was the 1970’s, and she was a size 4-6. She put on her butterfly top and her low cut bell bottoms.  She has just graduated from college.  The Twisted Sister music was blasting as she fixed her Farrah Fawcett like hair.  She knew that her butterfly top would attract attention.  She would own the room when walked into the Rising Sun in Yonkers . She was going to see Twisted Sister. They would never let her pay for anything. She went backstage after the concert to join the party with Dee. The butterfly top would lead her into a world that only others could imagine!  Saved from the Rock and Roll days.  Mint condition! Tried on by the owner’s daughter. Pure vintage!  A classic with great workmanship that sold in minutes!”

Vintage Red Leather Chair by the Side of the Road then SOLD!

Last summer found this chair by the side of the road. The next week it was sold and in a $2,000,000 house! I love the thrill of the hunt. It’s all about the #hustle #thrifting #stylist #midcentury

Unique Vintage Calendar Plates SOLD SOLD SOLD!

Beautiful vintage calendar plates. Better than any birthday card. This celebrates the year you were born, an anniversary or any other special occasion.  Here are the years that are available: 1951,61,63,67,71,72,73,82,87. Size is 6 inches and up. Perfect gift for anyone, and everyone was happy!”

Brand New Hightops Found and Sold in One Day!

“Sold these kicks in one day! One night I found them on the street one day later they were sold ! #hustle #fashionstylist