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My Inspiration

My Mom, Florence Winnick (1932-2017).  I was born into a family of entrepeneurs.  My mom, Florence owned an antique store in White Plains, NY:  “Auntie Mame’s Antiques”.  And my dad owned an auto parts store.  I happily tagged along with my mom to garage sales at five years old. The antique business is in my blood.  My oldest and most vivid memory of my mom was watching her buy out an entire room full of antiques at a church tag sale while there were twenty people waiting in line behind her.  Florence was a shrewd business woman and didn’t let any treasure pass her by.  She screeched to a halt driving while she saw something valuable on the side of the road (sound familiar?)  For my Mom, it was all about the thrill of a bargain, knowing that she got there first to find any treasure.  Her legacy carries on through me as my mother always guides me to the next adventure.