Something to Pin Your Dreams To

This a piece of jewelry that is one my most prized possessions. It’s not very valuable. It’s sterling and marcasite. It’s initials are for Florence Lyla Bloom, my mom. She never wore jewelry because she could not afford any jewelry . She worked in a restaurant. She made friends with a customer who adored her. His name was Savie Deluca. Savie was like a older brother to my mom. He felt bad that my mom would admire jewelry and clothing but could never afford anything. She allowed herself to dream. She dreamed of a day when she would be able to buy a piece of jewelry.

My mom was not a frivolous person. She had to help her parents with the rent. She admired a custom designed pin from another customer. She drew on a piece of paper what her pin would look like.
She kept a book with her drawing. Her friend Savie saw her drawing and asked her about the picture . She told him that she would try to save for the jewelry.

The next week for my mom’s birthday, Savie gave her the pin. She was shocked . It was an act of kindness that she could hardly believe. She treasured the pin and gave it to be me about 10 years ago. It’s a lucky pin for me. I feel my mom when I am wearing that pin.