Saved by A Chappaqua Mom!

Sometimes I get feedback about the page but today CMS has proved to be a life saver. I met someone at Starbucks to drop off an item. I was carrying my iPad. Little did I know that I left iPad at Starbucks.
I have been looking for my iPad all week. Tonight my husband answers the phone. He never answers my phone. ” Hello this is Starbucks and we found your iPad. What? My name is Lutvija Frljuckic and I found Stacey ‘s iPad . How? I charged the iPad and looked at the pictures. I saw it was Stacey Winnick from Chappaqua Moms Sales. How did you know? I am a member of Chappaqua Moms Sales.

First time ever Chappaqua Moms Sales has saved a life. Mine! Thank-you to our investigator Lutvija Frljuckic !!! You deserve the member of the day!!!!